General Tiling

We provide floor and wall tiling services for your bathroom, en-suite, kitchen or cloakroom and anywhere else for that matter 🙂
Some customers want tiles putting straight on to old floorboards in bathrooms for example.  In these circumstances, we insist on laying an 18mm thick plywood floor on top of the floorboards first, to give the tiles a good sturdy base.  If we didn’t do this, your grout would start to break up within 3 months and eventually the tiles would crack too.

Silicone Sealing

If the silicone seal needs replacing on your shower or bath, we can strip out and professionally replace the silicone seal before you get a leak.  We are exceptionally good at this item and confident that we have saved many people, many thousands of pounds by stopping leaks before they occur. This is a very popular job, particularly for Landlords.  Click here to find out more.


Give your existing tiles a refresh with a complete regrouting that will bring a fresh look to your tiles without the price tag.

Grout Cleaning

We can give your tiles a really good scrub down with a secret recipe solution and you will see a vast improvement.

Removal of Existing Tiles

We can remove your existing tiles and prepare your wall and floor surface ready for the new tiles.

Tile Painting

If you would like to change the look of your room without re-tiling, tile painting could be an option.