Bathroom Refurbishment

This particular bathroom refurbishment was carried out at the end of 2014.

The customer wanted to keep the bath, toilet, sink and towel radiator – which is fine.  Apart from the bath, they were removed and kept safely in another room. The bath was protected against falling tiles and dust etc during the duration of the refurbishment.

We removed the 6″ square tiles to reveal another layer of tiles over the bath, but it also revealed a multitude of issues with the 100 year old plaster behind the majority of the tiles.  There was no choice, it had to come off back to the brickwork to a sound base.  We then re-plastered the walls and allowed them to dry before commencing tiling.

A new boxing in section was built to smarten up the look and hide the pipework as best as possible.

The new tiles were 600mm x 300mm and they looked fabulous.  A top tip is to use bigger tiles to make the room feel bigger!  Lots of people use small tiles in small rooms thinking it will look better.  It won’t.

Once the suite and radiator were reinstalled, we sealed up the room with a mastic sealant around the bath, the basin and the vinyl floor for a perfect finish.

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