Garden Trellis

It’s late October 2015 and over the course of a day and a half, we took down all the old trellis and cut back a huge amount of ivy and thorny bushes so that we could then replace all the trellis with new pressure treated timber. We used stainless steel screws in the timber to avoid them rusting.

We supplied 3M lengths of 4×2″ timber and cut them up to give us two lengths of 450mm and two lengths of 1050mm. The shorter lengths were secured to the face of the brickwork and then we added the 1050 lengths of the top of them (to get around the coping stones) to give us the up-stand we needed and secured the trellis panels between them. We were very timber (and therefore cost) efficient doing it this way.

For the really professional looking finish, we custom made a panel to fit at the house end. Things like this take a little time and effort but the results speak for themselves.

We thoroughly enjoyed this job!