Kitchen Floor Tiling Repair

This looked like a simple little job at first glance but it was far more involved than it looked. The first thing to do was take up the 2 full floor tiles in front of the wine cooler so that the cooler would actually come out. We then cut 2 sheets of ply to fit the gap under the worktop area to raise the floor by the desired amount.

Then we cut an ‘L’ shaped tile (carefully) so that we could continue the grout lines in the correct order. Once the tiles were placed in, we could see that we were ready to lay them with the adhesive. After a short while we used a coloured grout to blend in with the rest of the kitchen floor.

The wheels and feet were removed and replaced with a hobbycraft felt. That enabled us to reduce the height to give us 3mm clearance and also to protect the tiles from being scratched during any future movement. The wine cooler will now slide in and out as necessary. We washed down all the work surfaces and the kitchen floor too as some dust had been generated.

The real question though, was “will the wine cooler fit under?”

More Tiling info can be found here.