Porcelain Floor Tiling

This 40 square metre floor tiling job was in a beautiful home in a village location in the Bedford area.

The house had undergone some extensive renovation in the past and there there are now some finishing touches to be applied, with the Kitchen/Utility/Toilet being one of them.

You will see from the photos that we work tidily (as you will see in the photos) and always achieve a very professional finish.

In this particular job, we applied a levelling compound to the floor in various places and cut off the bottoms of the architraves but the biggest challenge was the drain hatch in the utility. We are thrilled (as was the customer) with the result of the drain hatch which was sealed with a clear silicone rather than grout so that if there are any future issues under the hatch, a simple slice through the silicone with a sharp knife and the hatch can be lifted out.

We use cardboard or tile spacers to segregate off areas where the customers can not walk (or us for that matter) until the adhesive is dry.

Have a look through the photos and if you are considering a new tiled floor in your home, please get in touch!