Shed Re-Roofing

This job was a great job! I thoroughly enjoy this type of work.

Here, I had to remove all the old and leaky felt and the rotten flimsy plywood initially. The far end of this shed is actually a separate shed with a different roof height. So once I had removed everything, I built up the lower structure to be level with the main shed and then spaced standard stud timbers all along the sheds. Then I had to haul 18mm OSB3 sheeting measuring 8ft x 4ft up on to the timbers and secure in place. At this stage, I was not being perfect with them as once they were all up and secure, I then cut away to the outer edges to form the rectangular shape.

I overlapped at the back slightly as I had to fix all the guttering too and wanted to make sure the fall of the water off the back was going to land in the gutters properly. It was never in doubt really though was it! The front was overlapped about 250mm just to protect the windows somewhat.

I used 25mm x 50mm tile battens to hang under the OSB3 all the way around and that gave me plenty of depth then to secure the felt to.

The felt was then stapled in place and tacked in all the corners. The customer wanted me to leave the wood off the fascias as it just rotted last time so he thought there was no point this time.

On the inside, I used offcuts of the new OSB3 boarding to fill in all the gaps under the eaves and the customer will paint them white to match in with the rest of the interior.

All in all, a very decent job.