Solid Oak Flooring

This beautiful solid oak floor was laid in a dining room in Bromham.

The customer had done a great job of clearing the room of everything including the carpet. I then came along and put a primer/sealer on the old floor which helps bind the screed to the existing floor. The screed went down quite quickly and was smoothed out around the room. This is always an important part of the process as any dips and bumps will show up when it comes to laying the floor, if you don’t level it out as much as possible.

The following day I went back to lay all the fibreboard underlay and then I put all the oak, evenly spaced, in the room and left it there for two whole weeks. This is really important as the wood will acclimatise in this time and there will be much less expanding or shrinking as a result.

When laying the oak, we left a 10mm gap all the way around the room to allow for any expansion. We made 2 thresholds for the doorways and my calculations were perfect when it came to the height of the floor marrying up with the other rooms behind the doors. Talking of doors, they were marked along the bottom by offering up a plank of wood to them before we started so the doors could come off for the duration of the laying. They were then shaved and re-fitted at the end.

The final touch was to pin in place a white scotia edging, giving the floor the finished look.

My thanks to Dan, my carpenter/joiner for helping so much with the laying of this floor.