Chimney Breast Modernisation

40 or 50 years ago, chimney breasts often looked like the one in this project. So this customer thought it was time for a change.
Have a look through the pictures but is was only the top section that they disliked in the end and asked me to come up with a solution for getting rid of it. In the end we decided to remove it down to what was a natural looking sill and on that sill we installed a solid oak piece of distressed timber to separate the old from the new.
The chimney breast was plastered and then papered with a warm looking pattern down to the new oak sill.
The whole room was painted and then a new carpet was installed (not be me) but the room was transformed 50 years in one go.
Lovely project.
If you have something like this and fancy a change, you know what to do… Contact me 😉