Electrical Cupboard Build

Some electrical connection points can be really unsightly, so making some sort of cupboard to hide them, but give you good access to them when required, is a great way to tidy up that area.
On this project, we needed an electrician to deal with 2 issues. One was a random cable going straight up the middle of the wall and the other was the extending and relocation of the plug socket as it was in the way.
The wall had all items stripped out of the way that could be and the wall was then plastered.
The framework was built for the cupboard but there was an old gas pipe that had been capped off a long time ago coming out of the wall under the stairs. It was probably once connected to a gas meter but we all decided on this occasion to box over it rather than have a gas engineer out to inspect it.
I decided to give maximum access to the cupboard, we needed to use “Full Overlay” hinges. This means that they will cover the frame that they are attached to, when open. I also decided to include a bottom frame so that dust wouldn’t be going in the cupboard.
The walls, when dry, were ‘mist coated’ in white and then two further coats of Dulux Trade white.
The woodwork was primed first with a water-based quick dry primer and then given 2 coats of quick dry Dulux Satinwood.
This job only took 2 days from start to finish!