Front Door and Gate Refurbishment

In Autumn 2015, I painted the masonry and windows on this property.
It’s now Spring 2016 and I am back to give the Front Door and Side Gate a total makeover.

Firstly, everything got a proper rub down and imperfections were filled and sanded down.
I then applied a white undercoat, but when going from a dark to a light colour, it is almost impossible to do it in 2 coats, so while I was at it, I gave the door and gate a second undercoat to ensure the black had disappeared as much as possible.
The following morning, I glossed the framework and spindles in white and I loved how the spindles came to life compared with their old look.
Then the doors had a gloss coat of Dulux ‘Moorland Magic 5’. I knew when doing the top coat that I was still not going to be 100% happy with the finish, so I popped back for an hour the following morning and put another top coat on them for a great look and a great finish.

So after 4 coats of paint, we are there and I think it looks great. If you do too, you know what to do… Contact me 😉