Garage Door Freshen Up

It is the time of year when you look at the garage door and realise that it has faded quite a lot. Rather than change it’s colour, why not paint it the same colour if you like it just to give it a freshen up.
On this job, the frame needed a new piece of wood splicing in and filling all around, along with some general pick off of old paint layers followed by some filling and sanding. Then the new bare wood needed priming before the whole frame was undercoated and finally glossed in white.
Once that was done, the door got a really thorough sanding as it had lots of little bits on it from the previous paint job. Possibly it was done on a windy day and the dust got up. Once sanded it was undercoated in Crown’s Full Undercoat in dark grey and then glossed in black using a paint by Permoglaze.

NB… Never gloss over an old gloss, even with it being the same colour like this was. It just doesn’t work!

Customer was thrilled and I too thought that it looked really good. Do you need yours doing? If you do, you know what to do… Contact me 😉