Small Bathroom Refit

Great job this one as it was quite a challenge in such a small space.
Everything came out, including the old plaster, but we did know that was going to happen as I had previously decorated a couple of bedrooms in the house and we had already discovered that the plaster was beginning to blow.
That said, all went very well and according to plan.
The toilet had to remain in service throughout the whole project as it was the only toilet in the house.
The customer chose this bathroom because she had seen the tiles and feature tiles on my website previously – here – and decided that it was the look she wanted.
I repaired the floor for the customer as it was a bit dodgy previously and then the flooring was put down by Mounters & Turner a few days after I had finished.

Customer was very happy which is what it is all about. Do you need yours doing? If you do, you know what to do… Contact me 😉