Airing Cupboard Extension

This airing cupboard wasn’t really an airing cupboard. It was a box around the tank.

So I set out to create a more usable space and the customer basically left it up to me. I put up new studwork first and positioned the horizontal supports at the points where I planned for the shelving to go. I then transferred those heights using a spirit level across to the right hand side and installed shelf supports on that side too. Then I cut the old door down slightly to fill the hole I had just created and once I was happy with that, I fitted the door. It was then time to cut 20 lengths of wood to form the 4 shelves and then came the difficult bit… the plastering. It actually went very well and soon we had a proper cupboard. The final task was to fit skirting, so rather than trying to connect to the old skirting board, I removed it completely and fitted a long run across the front to make it look nicer.

The customer was thrilled with it, which in turns means I am too.